Take40 Live Lounge – August 22, 2012

Adam singing is this love
These are the vids we have so far of this outstanding concert. Adam performed to an initimate group of just ~300 lucky people with some tickets to the event selling on Ebay for $2,000! He slowed it down and delivered a mellow, jazzy concert that melted hearts all over the world. And a bonus was his surprise debut of his cover of Bob Marley’s Is This Love which he only decided to perform the day before when he was flying from Japan to Australia (hence the lyric cheat sheet!!). He and the band did a fantastic job!
Some of these vids may get pulled off youtube. Several already have been. If that happens we’ll try to replace them! Currently we only have two videos. Others are available on youtube but they have been posted by someone who doesn’t really think much of Adam and was only there to see his bass player. Sorry, we are a fan site for Adam, not one of his band members. We like his band but if we post vids it’s because we want to see Adam. Other videos are coming and we’re happy to wait for them. Especially as we heard one of the people in the audience has some very HQ videos to share soon. She is waiting for the show to be aired – which is only fair to the people who brought Adam to Australia and put on this gig (ie Take40) that they should be allowed to have the exclusive first.

Plus this site is about promoting Adam in Australia (and worldwide). He wont get promoted if people only watch videos from fans on youtube and don’t bother watching at the official sites. So we try to encourage people to view it where it counts, for Adam.

So please pop back in about 2 weeks when we expect to have some great videos up here for people to see courtesy of Take40 & a couple of excellent fans.


Click on the links below to view the awesome vids that we have so far!

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