Adam in China! Sept 2012

All the news and info from Adam’s visit to China!

Thanks so much to all the fans in China (on Weibo & instagram esp) for giving us these wonderful images and vids and information. I hope we have credited everyone either by including your tweets or your names on the images themselves. I will check over it later to see if I missed anyone out. THANK YOU AGAIN. CHINESE FANS ROCK! Specially

See links below for all the pics, vids etc of his tv appearances on the Talk Show &  The Voice of China. See pics and vids of his arrival and other events in China below the links!


Adam was so welcomed in China! It was great to see the love and respect given to him over there.

His performance on The Voice of China was watched live by more than 520 million people and he was so awesome and beautiful and charming I think he probably won over every single one of those viewers.

And how lucky were we to get to see so much of what happened over there! We love our Chinese glamily!


Sadly this is the update where we see Adam say goodbye to China!! 🙁

But look what’s happened in just a short time since Adam opened his Weibo account and “tweeted” Chinese-style for the first time to tell them he was coming over for the Voice – was that only a few days ago?

Adam's weibo account has 145,000 plus followers already

And this is where his songs are in the Chinese Billboard as at 1 Oct 2012

Billboard positions for NCOE & BTIKM

Artist of the week


Here is Adam at the airport saying goodbye to a fan for the last time…. for now anyway 😉

Adam saying goodbye at airport

Happy fan

fan showing her signed jacket

she got her CD signed

For larger version CLICK HERE

Adam signing at airport before flying out

Also: LMAO Adam was “given” a beautiful peice of artwork by a fan (see pic below) but it turns out the fan didnt actually intend for him to keep it when she handed it to him. She just wanted him to sign it for her ROFLMAO But he didn’t know that (launguage barrier) and got all enthused and kept it hahahah Mr Grabby hands strikes again

For larger version CLICK HERE


Fan art of Adam and Sauli

Adam trying to get to his car somewhere in China LMAO (bigger version CLICK HERE)

Adam surrounded by fans as he tries to get to his car

Meet & Greet

Meeting with fans who won the competition 🙂



more fans

with girl fan

hugging boy fan

@glam_alidol: fans gave adam a banner with chinese characters “adam loves sauli”, adam said he loved that Click for bigger image

chinese characters saying Adam loves sauli

LOL They also gave him a Trespassing tie. 😀

More pics of tie

Adam and Dana (for bigger version CLICK HERE)

Adam and Dana

NOTE THE “Naked Love” bit. Interesting….

with a fan


hugging fan boy

NOTE THE “Naked Love” bit. Interesting….

with a fan



 The Voice Press Party

Adam at The Voice Press Party

Pics from Press party. He has a translator

From this link

Article – Adam says he is so happy to be in China and how thrilled he was by all the people at the airport. Pics below.

More pics


Adam in newspaper promo

Another local newspaper story (click this link for larger version )

Videos of arrival at airport!

The Chinese fans are gorgeous!! And really gave him a fantastic welcome! Thank you to all of them for sharing these great images and vids!

From this link:

And more here!!



looks like Clooney



still signing autographs in car
Still signing autographs in the car!


still signing

Adam and Dana (for bigger version CLICK HERE)

Adam and Dana

NOTE THE “Naked Love” bit. Interesting….

with a fan


Adam will sing Trespassing tomorrow on The Voice of China and duet with a contestant (glambert!) singing Whataya Want From Me!

World times for the show so you can figure out what time it’s on in your country!

Live streams that MIGHT work. … …

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