Adamisms (Glossary)

Glittery Alien

Glittery alien from Planet Fierce

There are a lot of new words springing up around Adam Lambert since he first arrived on the scene in American Idol Season 8. And yet more keep being invented every day. There are also some terms applied to Adam that may be unfamiliar to some people.

So we thought we’d assemble some of them here for the newer inductees to Adam fandom so that you can catch up fast and understand what everyone is on about. Definitions and explanations are from various places around the internet including the Urban Dictionary and various fan sites.


Adam Lambert:  The nicest and funniest gentleman on American Idol season 8 with an awesome voice and amazing smile. He tried to spice a song up by just adding his own style into it.

An extremely bangable contestant from American Idol. Often seen wearing nail polish and guyliner, and is unfortunately gay. -sob-

Adamism A study or belief in which all things are blessed because of Adam Lambert’s fabulousness, which includes his spirituality and his gifted voice.

Adam Bomb A play on Adam Lambert’s name and the explosiveness of bomb to sound like ‘Atom Bomb’. Describes the global phenomena Adam has caused with his incredible talent, sex appeal and charisma. Used to categorise a die-hard fan of Adam Lambert and everything that has to do with him. They are known as Adam Bombs because they’re ever ready to explode in order to spread more Adam Lambert love and craze throughout the world. (See also: Glambert’s and Lambskanks).

(NOTE: Oh dear – I found another description for this expression – which has nothing to do with Adam – well I don’t think so anyway – but it’s XXX rated so I’ll leave it up to the curious to discover for themselves – be warned don’t look it up if your ‘sensitive’)

Adamphylactic Shock What happens when one goes too long without seeing Adam pictures and hearing Adam’s music.

Adamphetamine The drug that is Adam Lambert – causes sleeplessness, over-excitement, general euphoria, and the propensity to travel.

Highly addictive. Proponents advise generous use. However, the ability to maintain a semblance of normalcy while under the influence is unlikely.

Beware the addictees there is no antidote and rehabilitation is impossible.

Adamoration kind of like regular adoration but when used in relation to Adam it is intensified, magnified and glamorized to the gazillionith degree.

Adamgelic Refers to Adams Angelic Voice, Looks & Personality. NB from puddles: I just made it up now – but it might have already been out there!!! Coach: I’m sure it was!) I think it’s mostly referring to his angelic look but naughty behaviour. So in that way Adamgelic is very VERY different to “angelic”.

Adamitis the contageous love fest that occurs in your mind once to see/hear/read anything Adam. it includes slight fever, major chills and forgetfulness ( as in you forget your life pre-adam)

Adamazing an adjective to describe all things loved about American Idol’s Adam Lambert . One of the many words describing Adam Lambert and his total awesomeness. He is virtually indescribable, but words like these are suitable to describe the awesomeness that is Adam Lambert.

Adamized – to be totally impressed and surprised (in a great way) by all things Adam

Adamlicious a delicious Adam – believed to have been started by a dedicated Glambert in the ‘Adam Lambert Thread’ on the Australian XFactor Forum November 2010. Now the name of the best Adam Lambert Forum – in THE WORLD

Adamgasm – The peak of one’s sexual excitation caused by anything that involves Adam Lambert and his ultra sexiness.

The high point of your excitement of listening to, thinking about, or watching Adam Lambert’s uber sexiness. Like an orgasm, but better.

Adamatoepeia – Any onomatopoeia used when watching/listening to/ reading about Adam — i.e. groaning because you can never be that sexy (argh), squealing when you see him (squee), etc. (AnthrogeekPF)

Adafect – The ultimate level of perfectness, that can only be acheived by Adam Lambert. As close to God-like as any mortal can get. Pharoah

uses: Adam Lambert is so adafect

Adam Rabbit – Coined by one of the Xfactor Forum posters to describe something that some Glamberts may have found a good use for after viewing all the pics & vids people were posting – you can figure it out yourself!!

Adamsomnia – difficulty falling asleep due to thoughts of Adam (related things) running through your head

Adison – Referring to Adam & Allison – who was another contestant on American Idol.  They appeared to have a beautiful sweet brother/sister relationship

Adommy – the fantasy pairing of Adam Lambert and Tommy Ratliff (Adam’s bass player AKA the guy he kissed at the AMAs) which was carried through the GNT tour as part of the concerts theatre (and possibly as a thumb to the nose at the conservatives who tried to ban Adam because he kissed a guy) Sadly now extinct due to overly obsessive fans thinking it was real and turning it into cray delusions. Adam no longer kisses Tommy.

Attack of the sex toys Refers to Adam’s tour with American Idol where people kept throwing sex toys (as well as bras) at him. One incident in particular stands out because the sex toy actually struck Adam in the leg while he was performing WLL and Adam deftly kicked it off the stage.

Bassfap – Rhythmic sliding of the fret hand up and down the neck of a bass guitar to simulate masturbation (i. e., fap). Specifically coined to refer to the bassist’s portion of the band intro on Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation tour, wherein such motion is often employed.

“Did you see last night’s concert? When Tommy Joe Ratliff broke out the bassfap during his solo, the Glambulge must have grown six inches.”

BB – Could be so many things but we understand the original meaning was Baby Boy (for Adam) – but use your imagination for what else it could be.

Bendybert – I think this one was coined by our very own Coach. To describe Adam when he gets over excited on stage & performs like a gymnast.

Cockroach – what you look like when you do a ninja roll (according to Adam)

Crotch-tastic – Coined by a fan on Twitter after seeing Adam Live. Refers to Adam being fantastically crotch focused, usually to such a degree that one has a hard time looking away from the general crotchular area.

Dang Dang – Nickname given to Adam in Mainland China – derived from his Chines symbol name – Ah Dang.  The trendiest kind of nickname for young Chinese people right now is one character doubled.

Dark Lord Screamanova – This term was actually started by a fan of another American Idol contestant – who were trying to put down HH & the Glamberts & referred to them as “loyal minions of the Dark Lord of Screamanova” Like true Glamberts they look at the positive & loved the name so now they have embraced the term.

This is what one fan says on the Official Forum (which BTW is not a patch on ours) –

“We immediately embraced the name & became devoted followers on the one true Dark Lord who was sent to save us from mediocrity & deliver us from safe & normal.  Enjoy spending time here with your fellow Minions & giving thanks to the Dark Lord for all that he has given to us!

Bow to the Dark Lord Screamanova”

****NEW F.A.W. (pronounced Phaw!) – stands for Flailing Arm Woman the mysterious and – to some – annoying woman who’s arms can be seen flailing and waving about in almost every bit of the GN Live DVD. We are still waiting to find out who she is but it looks like she’s gone to ground. LMAO

Fanyuchka – from a fan’s review of concert in Kiev in March 2013. Via google translate the expression was: when Adam looked at us – my hidden fanyuchka did “jizz in my pants”. We are not going to interpret this one. We’ll just leave you to work it out :)

GB – Glitter Baby – A term Adam uses to describe Tommy – so perfect for him

Glambert –   Created on the American Idol Forum 2009. The official term for a devoted fan of the glamourous sexiness that is Adam Lambert, Season 8 Runner Up for American Idol.

An Adam Lambert fan. Usually bordering or crossing the line of obsession.

Derived from Adam’s last name “Lambert” and made into “Glambert” because Adam is so Glam.

Glambertainment – any form of entertainment by Adam such as performances, talk shows, television appearances, radio interviews, etc.

Glamberting – What your friends/family/coworkers say you are doing when you’re looking at all things Adam.

Glamboyant – A way to describe Adam – he is someone who is an extrovert who embodies the qualities of style, fabulousness, & intelligent wit. (4everadam)

Glambulance – Glam Ambulance; what one has to be escorted out in after an epic Adam performance

Glambulge – Is a word used to describe Adam Lambert’s glamorous and huge penis.

The entire package of Adam Lambert’s private parts.  Also sometimes refers to the shape or protusion of these private parts through pants/jeans. It’s is believed this term was coined in the early days of Adam’s Glam Nation Tour 2010.

Glaminator –  Adam the Terminator

Glamkat – Another term coined in his idol days. Fans became Glamkats & Glamberts – Glambert seemed the more popular one & is what is now used world wide to describe people who love all things Adam.

Glam Nerd – A nerd who loves all things Glam. Not specifically created for Adam – but I’m sure nerds love Adam too.

Glamouflage – the act of covering up your Adam Lambert obsession around friends and family (Why bother – resistance is useless)

Glamulicious – what Adam would taste like.

Glampire – Adam loves to dress up for Halloween – & last year he dressed as a rather hot & sexy Vampire – it wasn’t a huge leap from there to Glampire

Glamslam – The Ultimate Adam concert. Coined during the Glam Nation Tour 2010

Glitterosexual – All that are attracted to Adam; regardless of your sex or usual sexual orientation

Guyliner – Eyeliner for guys.  A man’s first step out of the closet. Not invented for Adam – but made famous by Adam (see also manscara)

Glittery Alien – see Planet Fierce

HBIC – Head Bitch In Charge; Adam (Or Coach if referring to the Adamlicious Forum)

HH – His Hotness – self explanatory – not sure when it was coined – I think on the Glam Nation tour

HRH – His Royal Hotness

Kradam – A slash pairing (male/male) consisting of American Idol Season eight contestants Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. There was never any boy/boy kissing between Adam & Kris

Lambots – People who are mesmerized by Adam Lambert’s awesomeness. First coined by forum members when Adam appeared on American Idol 2009.

Lambskank – One who is described as a devoted fan to Adam Lambert and his scorching sexiness. Thrives on adamgasms. Usually declares their up-for-anything-and-everything attitude when it comes to Adam Lambert. Hence, a skank for anything Adam Lambert. A lambskank is also known as proof that Adam Lambert can certainly make the good girls go bad, such as his san diego streaker. Can also be classified as a Glambert or an Adam Bomb.

“Adam Lambert makes me wanna do bad things with him. I am such a Lambskank for him”.

(NOTE – I wondered if I should be offended when I first heard this term – then I saw a vid of Adam saying “Hi all my Lambskanks – I love you”)

Lamvert – someone who wasn’t originally a fan but has converted into one (this one is Perfect for our very own Coach!)

Mombert – Adam’s mum (or mom)

Machine Gunning –  Fast Masturbation (oooh this one makes me blush lol)

Manscara – what blokes put on their eyelashes

Ninja Roll – the act of turning a terrible performance mishap into a stunning acrobatic feature that looks like it was intentional (ie Adam’s trip and roll at the AMAs)

Planet Fierce –   his brother came up with this phrase in relation to Adam, “glittery alien from planet fierce.”  There is also a fan video that’s been put together to explain how Adam got here from Planet Fierce

Poppabert, Dadam, – Adam’s Dad (see also Dadbert below)

Glamfather – name given to Adam after he told two young fans in the audience in Milan to say sorry to each other after fighting. Also now attributed to Adam’s role as Godfather to little Riff.

Screamhilda – Coined by Poppabert after a concert in November 2010 where a fan was being particularly loud in her screaming – so much so to almost drown out Adam during a beautiful performance of soaked

STMNBN – [Song That Must Not Be Named) not-so-secret-anymore code for If I Had You. (to avoid having live vids of it pulled down from Youtube) – coined and used by the infamous Suz who brought us so many videos of the GNT!

Tonguediving – Like crowd surfing or stagediving, tonguediving involves a musician jumping into the crowd to make out with audience members. Coined (after being performed) by Adam Lambert on 17 August 2010.

Uncle Soy Sauce – Nickname given to Adam’s previous lead guitarist, Monte Pittman when they were in China. It comes from a chinese saying describing someone who just goes about their business regardless of what’s going on around them “I’m just here to buy the soy sauce” – The Chinese fans noticed that Monte is always uninterested no matter what is going on around him on stage – particularly with Adam & Tommy.

Xanadam – idyllic , beautiful place you get transported to when listening to Adam sing; luxurious pleasure dome created by Adam’s music.

Unf – unclear where this originates and looks like it’s not particularly attached to Adam. Some say it’s the initials for something like “usual noise of f***ing” or similar. Others think it just came from a mis-pronunciation of  “oomph” that Adam expressed when he was mentoring on Idol in season 9. He said a performance needed more “Unf”.

Whatever is correct. The term is so perfect to describe Adam that’s all we care about. See next entry!

Unfbert – Evolution of the term “Unf” as applied to Adam. Has trended as Top Tweet when fans wanted to express their appreciation for Adam.

Courtesy of Eternal Glamnation (thanks BB!):

Floorbert — when Adam mops the floor with his hair (or any other body part)

Dadbert — This is what Eber is called in the U.S. (See also poppabert/dadam)

More will be added as they come up – and they WILL keep coming up LOL

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  • soaked

    Oh thanks so much EG!! Sorry it took so long to publish your comment – been a bit distracted. It wont happen again people!! LOL I promise!

  • Eternal GlamNation

    Floorbert — when Adam mops the floor with his hair (or any other body part)

    Dadbert — This is what Eber is called in the U.S. (See poppabert/dadam)

    You might want to credit fabulous videographer Suz with STMNBN. I believe only her Adam vids are so titled.

    Thanks for a great site!

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