Adam blonds with his BF: fandom explodes!

Well…. I never!!! That Adam Lambert is a norty norty boy. He goes off da grid for a week, swanning around with his hot sexy Finnish boyfriend and IGNORING HIS FANS  and then – with ne’er a care for the well-being of his loyal fandom – shows up with OF ALL THINGS!!! BLONDE HAIR!!!!! (that’s BLOND – for our American friends). I mean WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS???? He didn’t ask us first, he just went blithely off and changed his hair colour without so much as a ‘by your leave’!!

Pic of Adam from a photoshoot in black and white with hands in claws and roaringDisgusting! SHOCKING!!! Adam can’t go blonde! It’s not NATURAL!!! Dark haired people should stay dark haired! Says so in the bible!!

He’s always had dark hair – it’s how we loyal committed fans know who he is. We go “who is that man up there with that incredible voice singing like an angel???? ….. oh wait I see dark hair OHHHHH that must be ADAM Lambert!!!”  Now we’ll be confused. We wont know who it is singing up there, humping microphone stands, pole-dancing with speaker-boxes and kissing the bass player. How we supposed to deal with that? I hope you’ve got plenty of spare cash to pay for all our therapy sessions coz clearly we’re gonna need them!!

Good GOD MAN! You can’t just change the colour (that’s COLOR for our American friends) of your hair on a whim!! FFS!!! WHO does that??? (I mean….. apart from lots of people)

And anyway he doesn’t suit blonde!! It just doesn’t work and it’s obvious it’s not the colour God intended for Adam. See for yourself – all the disastrous times he’s DYED HIS HAIR blonde during his life – even when he was a baby!!! What a freak! (ok 1 or 2 of them are not EXACTLY blonde hair but who’s that picky?)

NB IN RESPONSE TO SOME REACTIONS ON TWITTER TO THIS ARTICLE – No this article is NOT SERIOUS!! No I don’t really think Adam dyed his almost non-existent hair blonde when he was a baby, NO I don’t actually believe the bible says dark-haired people have to stay dark-haired and no I wont REALLY be unable to recognise him or need therapy because he changed his hair colour. And I also think all those pics below of Adam with blonde hair – natural or not – ARE GORGEOUS!. Ok? LOL It’s called satire. parental blocker . Please don’t take it seriously.

13 thoughts on “Adam blonds with his BF: fandom explodes!

  1. Love this article. You can’t beat good old aussie humour. I think Adam would approve too. Not sure about the hair myself but i’ll love Adam no matter what colour his hair is.

  2. My god… some people do not understand good old fashioned WIT and DRY HUMOUR, do they? I thought the article is FAB, and yes, COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT because of the blonde, but… well… we’ll just have to see what he makes of it!

  3. Love this soaked ! OMG,I thought I was the only one who needed therapy because Adam had the audacity to go blonde ! Twenty lashes with a wet noodle Adam,it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature !

  4. Well done Adam. Well written piece here. I am enjoying the hubbub of all the platinum blonde craziness that Adam has created. Which look of A’s would I prefer FOREVER….the Trespassing hair for sure. But meanwhile, he looks HOTT as HADES as a platinum blonde. This is why Adam is our secret gay boyfriend. He is something that all the other men we know are NOT.

  5. Hands up anyone who has never changed their hair colour??
    Nope – no hands that I can see.
    And so what – it doesn’t matter. Now waiting to hear from BB – do blondes have more….
    ps: kudos Soaked

  6. LOVED this!!! LMAO!!! Oh, and you missed this one of @adamlambert…and its SUCH a GOODIE!!! From 2008, a still from his Art 4Life performance of “Crazy” which all things considered, is PERFECT for the subject at hand ; )) null And while we’re all it ,the performance itself via @lambosessed Wondering if his re-intro of his “CRAZY” hair (sort of..) is a subtle/not-so-subtle clue to his new single, due to come out any second: perhaps “CUCKOO” : Do we have a theme?? Guess we’ll see..either way, LOVING Adam’s ability to keep us guessing and making us Glamberts #CRAZY

    1. OMG!! You’re right!! How could I have missed the “Crazy” pic!! Unforgivable! I’m going outside right now and having myself flogged! 🙂 And yes… interesting point about the red pants and now the blonde hair. What a crazy train ride he takes us on!

    2. I think you are on to something. A Crazy/Cuckoo vid tie-in of some sort. I can so imagine the crazy blonde wild hair. Our boy is always thinking….

  7. Adam has always said when asked why did you dye your hair black? He said that his natural color/ginger or blond made him look 12. But I bet if he left it blonde for awhile and people got used to it they would end up not wanting him to go back to black. This will be so much easier for him dying his hair every week is a pain in the butt and time consuming. Plus just think how his blue eyes will stand out even more now. Hope he leaves it blonde.

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