If the Shoe fits….. Are Adam Lambert & Brian May desecrating Freddie’s memory?

On February 24, 2012 by soaked

[Update 26 February 2012.  Through a long labourious process of elimination I discovered which bit of the video was causing the blanket ban. It was the footage of Adam & Queen from the EMA’s. SO I have removed that and changed the ending. The altered version is now available on Youtube – see link in article below]

[Update 25 Feb: VIDEO BLOCKED AGAIN! At Metacafe this time. Uploaded to Vimeo now.If the Vimeo one disappears please try the Ru.TUBE link and then let me know on twitter @feraltwirler so I can try another upload site – thank you!]

[Update 24 feb – video has been blocked worldwide. Garrgghhhh! GOd I’m over Youtube – will post elsewhere if I can – Anudder update – just posted it on Metacafe – let’s see if it lasts on there. If not I’ll keep uploading it at different places till I run out of video sites LOL – link below. BTW – THREE different companies sent Youtube claims of copyright over the content in this video!! THREE of them! Is that some kind of record yathink?]

You know, sometimes it’s hard to be a fan in Adam’s fandom (sounds like a line from a country song!). Take this last few weeks for example. we’ve witnessed our boy running himself ragged, literally making himself sick, as he threw himself into the nitty-gritty work of promoting his new music. From remote ski resorts in Austria to the familiar surrounds of The Grammy’s, Adam has been tirelessly talking and singing and answering the same damn questions millions of times but never failing to show a smile to the world and treat everyone as if all their questions are new. Every single one of those seemingly MILLIONS of performances have been perfect (well except for the odd WWFM lyric fail hee hee) and Adam consistently puts in 110% each time he opens his mouth to sing, no matter how small the audience. You just gotta love him.

He is totally dedicated to his profession and a genuinely nice guy – aside from his extraordinary talent which he’s so amply demonstrated in a gruelling schedule of live acoustic performances.

And then we fans, who’ve exhausted ourselves trying to keep up with the bloke, get the most exciting news possible. HE IS PERFORMING WITH QUEEN AT SONISPHERE!!!

Sunday Times UKBut instead of just being able to flail and joyfully celebrate this momentous news, we have to deal with haters rushing in from all points with knives at the ready, viciously tearing into Adam as if he has committed the most heinous (my fave word) sin imaginable.

Fancy someone AGREEING to perform with Queen! What kind of monster does that?


Anyway – I don’t mind the people who debate the whole thing with intelligence and fairness, but those haters that just post ridiculous ill-informed nonsense really get up my nose. Most of the time I dismiss them as just anonymous internet troll losers with nothing better to do than hate on visible gay people (or disgruntled Kris Allen/David Cook fans – they always give themselves away LMAO) but one person deserves more than a mere dismissal from mind. Because HE fancies himself to be some kind of music journalist AND he appears to be an AUSTRALIAN!!! Shame!!!

I’m talking about a twat named Michael Carr. Don’t bother looking him up on google – I did already. You’ll get nothing but a vague Linked-In profile – the dude is not exactly famous, or even mildly well known. But even so, he’s AUSTRALIAN and he wrote the jerkiest most insanely vicious piece of garbage about Brian, Roger and Adam – and the point is, this makes all of us Aussie’s look bad. If this is supposedly the literate, thinking bit of our society how bad must the rest of it be?

I won’t link to the little dweeb, he doesn’t deserve it. But I will just say he clearly knows very little about Adam, Queen OR even Freddie Mercury – although he claims to know exactly what Freddie would think about Adam singing with his fellow band-members. And according to Michael, Freddie has a really bad attitude towards other artists and would be attacking Adam’s credibility for no particular reason – just like Michael did. Moron.

So, I got so riled up by his rubbish article I just had to make a video. It’s my therapy I guess.

And here it is. Don’t be misled – things are not as they seem and the video changes quite dramatically half way through.

Hope you enjoy it. If not, just soak in the good old 70’s band Skyhooks audio I used. That’s always fun!

So I’ll stop banging on about it and just post the thing shall I?

THE VIDEO!!! One or more of these links might work! Fingers crossed!



Update!!! I have edited the original version so that it would be allowed to stay on Youtube. The edited version is below, see the Vimeo video further down for the original version.


youtube link

Metacafe Link! Hit the button to go to site or make bigger once you start playing it. ;D

The original version

METACAFE LINK  – might work for some

Click here


Adam Lambert & Brian May Desecrate Freddie’s memory? from Jim Doe on Vimeo.

Thanks to ‘Jim Doe’ for putting my ‘wildly controversial’ vid on his channel! XXX



Emergency back up link if the other one fails. (But be warned – many people find the site very VERY slow loading. If there’s an alternative still available above use that one)



And to all those idiotic hate-spewers out there I say, STFU, GET YOURSELF SOME KIND OF USEFUL LIFE AND GROW THE HELL UP.

Adam has a wonderfully positive attitude towards the whole thing, once again showing how much more class he has than the people who are gleefully prattling on in their safe little internet worlds and putting Adam down.

Adam Lambert @adamlambert

Haters: y’all just adding fuel to my fire! U make me work harder. Thank you for the motivation.

And the lovely Lucy Lawless also tweeted on the subject

Lucy Lawless @RealLucyLawless  Adam Lambert singing with Queen is the best idea since George Michael. Pure genius! #AdamLambert #Americanidol

 Which prompted me to also do some very dodgy photoshopping. LMAO
If you click on the pic and then click on it again you get a much bigger version and the opportunity to check out just how dodgy my photoshopping really is!! :)
xena and Adam

20 Responses to “If the Shoe fits….. Are Adam Lambert & Brian May desecrating Freddie’s memory?”

  • You’re so awesome! I do not believe I’ve truly read a single thing like this before.
    So wonderful to discover somebody with unique thoughts on this
    topic. Really.. thank you for starting this up. This site is something that is needed on the internet, someone with some originality!

  • ravenwhimsy

    I just wanna say that I think I love you, bb! The video is awesome. You did a great job putting it together. I was really ticked off when I read the original article that prompted this response. The author (Michael C. or whatever it was) really upset me with his ignorance. He deserves a boot to the head….

  • Gail

    Just have to say what a brilliant video and I am one of many who just don’t get all the hate. I wish I were one of the lucky ones able to see what I think will be an epic performance. I so hope there will be a video or even a live stream. Adam has said many times he is not replacing Freddie as no can replace someone else, but why can’t someone with the amazing vocals that Adam has pay tribute? I am sure Freddie would be proud and certainly not hating as so many are. I think all the haters are just jealous. Again, thank you for this.

  • Heidi K.

    Well, speaking for myself, I love men with big feet. tee hee. Great video

  • jane

    Love the article and the video..thank you

  • Barbara

    Magnicent work on the video! Haters can go screw themselves! Enuf said!

  • stinglikeabee

    Well, finally someone else has noticed the David Cook and Kris Allen fans agenda…yes the ninjas HAVE found them out…stupid shits…not only do they hate on Adam in articles which they so openly canvas, they follow the polls and vote him down…once again stupid shits…and guess who calls Glamberts crazy…GUESS…don’t leave out the Durbin fans..they have been found out too…don’t they know that what goes around comes around…once again stupid shits…

    • soaked

      Only some of them. I don’t know any David Cook fans but I know lots of Kris Allen fans and they are nice. All fandoms have their idiots. But I wish the cray ones would move on from “Idol” – and I wish Cook fans would stop blaming Adam for Cook’s apparent lack of success. That’s just plain stupid and insulting to both Adam and David. Fan wars are so last decade.

  • Zel

    The video is epic I love it! Says it all! Thanks soooooo much

  • lambertslabelle

    Its such a pity that hate comes between people instead of just leaning back and enjoying a freakin awsome band performing some freakin awsome songs with a freakin awsome singer! Why are they pissed????I dont get that!Adam is Adam and Freddy is Freddy and we ll never ever have another FM on this planet,hes a genious and an idol and will never ever forgotten,theres no chance to re emplace him. Everybody knows and its NOT Adam s whish at all to be the “new” FM ! He lets everybody know loud and clear that hes absolutely honored that he got asked to sing with QUEEN and has no intentions to be the next frontman. So…why the hate?????? Adam loves Freddy and Freddy would have LOOOOVED Adam!

  • I couldn’t agree more(except on the KA fan thing(yes I know there are crays, but not all of us hate Adam))! I envy those lucky benches that gets to see Adam and Queen perform live, and I cross my fingers in hope that some kind soul(s) will upload everything on youtube or something like it so that those of us unlucky enough not to go gets to enjoy the sheer awesomeness too!

    • soaked

      Hey camilla – I agree it’s only idiot Kris fans who write this stuff! I know lots of lovely Kris fans and I think Kris is great too. All the anti-Adam comments I used were real, I might have twisted them a little LOL but I took them from actual comments people made on articles about Adam & Queen! People were posting stuff about Kris as objections to Adam performing with Queen – clearly not getting it.

      • Augie

        So.. what kind of stuff that Kris fans posting about their idols on the Adam & Queen articles.. it’s really relevant subject, isn’t it? Was it something like, it should be Kris who sing with Queen, since he’s the winner and also sang with Queen on the finale or was it something like Adam shouldn’t sing We’re The Champion coz it’s Kris song.. LOL

        • soaked

          Oh just silly stuff. When someone defends Adam’s singing ability they’ll write “Kris is better” – one example I remember was someone posted that they thought Adam was the best male vocalist around today and a Kris fan jumped in “Oh what, did Kris Allen die or something?” Just plain silly and annoying. This has nothing to do with Kris Allen and sorry, Kris is great but he doesn’t have Adam’s vocal chops no matter which way you slice it. It’s funniest when they’ve posted earlier as if they were a Queen fan objecting to Adam taking over from Freddie and then make a Kris Allen comment LOL.Dead give away.

  • Unu44

    What a dickhead Michael C is.
    What would have happened to AC/DC if Brian didn’t step in ? Sure he became lead singer and Adam is just guesting for a few songs.Would Michael rather Queen’s music die than be released to a new audience ?
    Why do other bands get replacements when band members leave or die ? Should the Rolling Stones have quit ? I think not. Stop being so narrow minded and take it for what it is .An amazing way to honour Freddie and the rest of the band.
    Should be Living in the Cemetry ! as it is better known. Maybe this would keep Michael Happy. LOL

  • imrahd

    WOW, Wonderful work of art, Love everything about the article and the video,Thank you, may this be an educational tool for the fools who are stuck in the past and have closed their mind to wonderful talent that is Adam Lambert,Brian And Roger don’t have to let the life pass them by but enjoy what they love, To perform and sing their songs,That is what they love,that is their life line.

  • Sharon

    Why the hell was your video blocked and by whom? I wanna see it.

    • soaked

      Hi Sharon!

      Thanks for commenting. I’ve put up a metacafe link that should work for a while LOL. I’ll keep moving it if need be. There were THREE separate copyright infringement claims on it. Viacom, WMG & Orchard Music. One of them or more had the video blocked worldwide. I wish they’d actually LOOK at the video’s they block and see if it’s a genuine breach or just someone using their music for humour – and not even full tracks. Anyway. Hopefully that works. Hope you like it/understand it – my humour can be a bit odd sometimes 😀

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