Adam to perform at Summer Sonic in Japan

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So, this popped up on twitter today:


Green Day, Rihanna, Sigur Rós and Adam “The new Freddie Mercury” Lambert to play at Summer Sonic 2012:

And we were all “Orlly? Heard this stuff before… pull the other one, haz bellz on it etc” – we’re becoming a jaded cynical bunch – thanks media people.
Anyway – YAY! Adam confirmed it so then we could all
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Adam Lambert

@adamlambert Adam Lambert
Konnichiwa, Japan! I’ll see you at Summer Sonic on August 18 & 19!

1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone

The Festival is held on Saturday August 18 and Sunday 19. Not sure at this point what day Adam will be on but I’m sure we’ll know well ahead of time.

Below is one of those delightful google translations of the text on their website. You can go see for yourself what it looks like but it’s all in Japanese. Worth seeing tho because Adam is clearly considered relatively important in their line up. Not the headliner, but up there.

What google reckons they said (make of it what you will!) :

Thank you for waiting. Counting the 13th this year, you will start from the announcement of 13ACTS with confidence. But on this day of February 10 was set to announce early Fuji with impatience, I received the OK from GREEN DAY yesterday in-law! 4ACTS in bold are the principal axis of the first stage of the Summer Sonic 12. You have got to be painted in any stage or divined from here. Kenzan is Rihanna’s first live band to Green Day’s new album might be waiting for the world’s premier, became the world’s icon in the top list and no longer Gaga. In addition to the overwhelming view of the world and only one of the cigar-loss of 00 years since the debut, New Order’s original electro dance band which is also debut. While excited about the lineup spread further from here, let’s wait to the next surprise in this month. Makuhari this year while also repair location of the earthquake affected, you will be able to use the same area before and nearly two years ago. Sonic Mania will be held also. Maishima in stage 3 the same as last year, delivering the Booking and density of α plus Tokyo. Is the expansion and enhancement of all-night camping area. We will never forget the excitement of 2011. In order to promise two days of a dream to you, starting today. To expect two days of hot summer Invigorating but like last year, enjoy Fun, Fun, Fun, together about half a year for up to Fes.

Naoki Shimizu representative Creative Man

Line up includes: Rhiana Green day New order, Adam Lambert. Death Cab for Cutie, The Cardigans & Passion Pit.

See also this brief article – TimeOut

We’ll keep you updated in this post. 😀

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3 thoughts on “Adam to perform at Summer Sonic in Japan

  1. Learning Japanese, oh yes I’m learning Japanese – arigatou!!
    Maybe you could skype the Spotties Soaked.. and sing to Dylan..

  2. Gaahhh me too. Look at that line up! Apart from having ADAM LAMBERT right in front of my face singing and wiggle wiggle wiggling. LOL Maybe I could auction off the dalmatians & raise some $$$. I’m sure they wont mind. And that way I don’t have to worry about who would take care of them while I was away. Oh come on. I’m not mean. I’d telephone them often and take them to the zoo n stuff during holidays.

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