Trespassing: Acoustic – extended version – and now in Hip Hop flavour!!

SEE UPDATE! Second video added!!

Heidi Ho!

I’ve no idea where that phrase came from. Must be something to do with Austria and alps and stuff.Heidi Hmmmm…. nope. No idea.

Anyway, back to the point. Adam’s awesome live debut of his not-yet-released title track from his not-yet-released album – Trespassing.

Did you all catch that performance!!! Lord have mercy! My head near exploded at the awesomeness of everything when I was watching him singing in Austria. Well okay, maybe the audience wasn’t so awesome. But to be fair it looked like it was cold enough to freeze those proverbial brass balls over there so maybe they’d all just gone into a cryogenic coma or something.

In any case, it seemed to me that by the end of Adam’s set His Hotness had created quite a thaw in the room. I could see steam and drool and panting – I swear!!

So, having suffered through the torture of trying to watch a live stream that crashed as soon as Adam arrived (we should have KNOWN that would happen) and only hearing tiny teases of the track that’s getting so much excited attention from the priveleged few who have heard the studio version (well getting to be not so few these days!) I was well grumpy about the whole mess.

troubleSO, I downloaded some vids kindly provided by Qmusic and Glitterfashion022 and ..well…. THIS (see below) sort of kinda…..just accidentally …. like…… happened. You know how that is. I mean who hasn’t accidentally made a video without noticing before right???

I hope I don’t get into trouble….. Hai Adam!!! Hai Adam’s nice management people. If you don’t like me sharing this just let me know kay!!! No need to shut down my site or arrest me or have me shot at dawn or nothin’. If you say “Oi Miss. You get that stuff off your site, RIGHT NOW!!” I’ll have it done yesterday! Promise.

Without further waffling… here’s a vid I made where I extended the song he performed by repeating  a verse (just coz I could!) and spliced all the bits of video together to create one megamix full song of about 3.20 mins duration.

I also made an mp3 for you and a friend made it available on her 4-shared thingy to download if you so desire – the mp3 has all the intro and ending chatter taken out so it’s JUST the track mix itself.

So here they are Tatata tatata DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Trespassing Mix


Enjoy – while you can!! 🙂


PS The original video is better quality than the way it turned out after uploading to youtube. Contact us via the forum or twitter if you would like to download the vid.


UPDATE!!!! I really should have gone to bed and got some shuteye but I had a thing in mind and I couldn’t get it out of my head so I had to make it into another video. LMAO

Anyway – it’s called “Adam Lambert Trespassing into Hip Hop” and it’s just kinda what came to my mind the moment I heard him singing Trespassing. See what you think. I even got Sasha in there!!

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  1. Soaked – you sneaky little thang!! Forget the Oi, Oi, Oi. Feckin’ love it. Thanx also to Qmusic and

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