Better Than I Know Myself Live Versions

This week has seen an incredible flurry of activity and publicity around Adam Lambert. Kicking off with his amazing live debut of his new single on Leno’s Tonight Show and ending up with a punishing schedule of interviews + album reviews from radio stations and media across the globe.

We were all blown away by the Leno performance but what a shock when he topped that performance with his version on Ellen the next day. We just didn’t think it was possible.

On Leno
Adam performing on The Tonight Show

Reviews of the Leno performance have been unanimously GLOWING and his fan base has grown since the show aired. To me Adam seemed a little tense at the Leno performance – those who saw it live said he seemed very confident but tightly wound up. Whatever he might have been feeling he delivered a powerful and moving performance that oozed emotion and showcased those incredible soaring live vocals we all love so much. He was dressed to kill in a black suit with white mandarin-collared shirt and looked natural and gorgeous. Despite this being their first appearance together his band were fantastic. Kev is a very welcome new addition on keys and vocals and Ash is a trooper – not missing a beat when her bass strap broke and she had to deliver her performance while squatting on the floor. Well done Ash! And welcome to the chaos and joy of Adam’s world!

On Ellen’s show Adam definitely seemed more relaxed. He dressed more casually looking very stylish in his jeans and leather and the instant the band started up it was clear this was going to be a different performance to the Leno one. There were no major changes to the song itself but it was the energy that had changed. THis was much more of a rock style than the one on Leno. Isaac thrashed his drums, Tommy went ape on guitar, the new guy Kev delivered amazing keys and vocals and Ash’s bass strap behaved itself – resulting in a tight exciting background for the much freer sounding vocals of Mr Lambert.

On Ellen
Adam performing BTIKM on Ellen

I definitely preferred his Ellen performance over Leno’s but this in no way detracts from the awesomeness of his live debut of the song. The Leno one was brilliant and fascinating in it’s own right, not just because it was the live debut, but also because it has a more intense and intimate feel than the Ellen version.

Anyway – here they are below. You can see for yourself how incredible they both are – and really no comparison between the two is necessary. the domain . As always, Adam just delivers uniqueness every time he performs a song live – no matter how many times he performs it. So we can look forward to even more suprising and fantastic versions of the track in the next few months.


Since Youtube removed all the vids of this performance and people outside the US are blocked from accessing the vid NBC posted we cant post an embedded video of it here. But you can watch it at Claude Kelly’s site (he’s the dude that wrote the song!) here:

And download an HD version of it here

Also here’s a vid of a very brief chat with Adam backstage


Performance on Ellen’s channel

HD version of performance (with a slight split second glitch at the 2 min mark – sorry but otherwise worth viewing)

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  1. Thanks Soaked – great to be able and view these two different yet excellent performances in one place!
    Think that word ‘flurry’ will apply to all of 2012 in Adam’s world.

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