New Single! Better Than I Know Myself

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Finally! Adam’s new music is coming at us. Starting with a surprising piece of funky RnB power ballad (yes I know – odd mix but it works!!) called Better Than I Know Myself.

It sounds nothing like the Claude Kelly demo we all heard and there are some new lyrics and a bridge that were not in the demo.

The song is very radio-friendly and current – which may not please some long-term vanguard fans – but is sure to appeal to the younger audiences and new fans out there. Personally, it’s grown on me. From my initial reaction of “yeah, ok. Not my favourite genre but it sounds good”, after a few listens I fell in love with it and realised it doesn’t actually FIT any genre! It’s a brilliant multi-genred pop ballad.

Adam’s vocals soar through this catchy tune telling us all what a terrible person he is but delivering this message in a bright joyous package of banging ear-candy!

The song has debuted on radio stations worldwide today where it’s getting rave reviews and great reactions. We heard it first on air via JoyFM in Melbourne (Hi Katie!!!). It sounds right at home on the radio. 🙂

Awwww hell – just listen for yourself:

Better Than I Know Myself by adamofficial

And then rush out and buy it!!!

It’s now available on I-tunes!! The mp3 is better quality than all the ninja downloads that have been flying round the net for the past few days LOL

Click here to go direct to BTIKM on I-tunes

And request and vote for it at your local radio stations! [But not too much or they might get all sulky and refuse to play Adam at all!! Apparently. LMAO How much is too much? Hell I don’t know. ip locator Perhaps you’d have to ask them 😉 Just teasing  you DJs)

Trespassing (the sophomore album)

Adam’s sophomore album, Trespassing, is now also available for pre-order tho it wont be released until March.

You can pre-order the album at Amazon or at Adam’s Official site where they promise some extra “exclusives” and will give you an mp3 of  BTIKM as a bonus.

You can order from Amazon via the link below. Note that link is an affiliate link and proceeds of the commissions from it go toward helping maintain this site.

BTIKM at Amazon


from Adam Official

Also, we are gifting singles and albums to people who can’t afford them. Let us know if you can help or if you want to be gifted. We are especially interested in knowing about any local charity organisations that would like some.

If you want to do your own gifting, you can do it via I-tunes as long as the other person has an I-tunes account and are in the same country as you.

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