It’s not Monte – must be his doppelganger!

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Beg For Money with sticker - needs this on Parasite sessions

Well, the fun never stops with Monte does it? Now we have this new video that just popped up on Youtube today – promoting the second of the BS albums – The Parasite Sessions.

But before we get to that….

You remember what Monte said just after the whole BS album thing blew up and everyone was tweeting him asking what he knew??

Here – a little refresher course:

It started with this twitter exchange – with Monte being rude to an Adam fan who simply asked what all of us were wondering. This should have rung alarm bells to all of us but I think we were so reluctant to believe Monte could have anything to do with all this.

Why hasn’t commented on the real story behind Beg for Mercy? If there’s nothing to hide, he should say so, right?
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Monte Pittman
because is getting all of his facts together before he comments. Its great seeing who my real friends are though

9 Oct via Twitter for iPhone

Then, some time later he tweeted this via his other twitter account


Monte Pittman

26 Oct via Tweet Button

If you click on that link now the letter has disappeared. Why is that do you think. Never mind, fortunately the internet never forgets – which Monte keeps forgetting. So we have that letter available even tho he’s deleted it.

Since last week’s announcement of the “Beg for Mercy” album, there has been an intense amount of speculation regarding this seemingly mysterious album. There has also been an extreme amount of criticism being slung around at myself and other musicians who were involved with this project. I would like to address this as honestly and as openly as possible, in hopes that I can shed some light on this for those who have until now been left in the dark.

Let me first start by clearing up the differences between “Take One”, “The Paramount Sessions” and “Beg For Mercy.” “Take One” & “The Paramount Sessions” are a group of songs written by a person under the moniker of Dublyn Jones. Steve Sidelnyk, Marcus Brown and myself performed the instrumental portion of those songs, as directed. I was asked if I knew of any good singers to sing on those songs, and since Adam Lambert and I had a band together at the time, we agreed that it would be a great opportunity for Adam, having never played in a band or recorded in a studio before, to sing on the tracks. Who wouldn’t want one of the best singers ever (in my opinion) singing on anything and everything? The whole session was engineered by Malcolm Welsford, the same producer of “Beg For Mercy.” At the time, we were all paid very generously. (you might have been Monte – but Adam wasn’t and you have to have known that. These were songwriter demos Monte, not album recording sessions – why would you need the “best singer” to record them. They are meant to be unreleased tracks).

The “Beg For Mercy” album contains songs that Adam and I wrote and recorded prior to him entering the “American Idol” competition. It was a collaboration between the two of us. (the songs might have been a collaboration between you and Adam but this ALBUM was not) Brian Frasier – Moore played drums; Rickey Pageot & Eric Mayron played keyboards on these recordings. I do not have any control of the release of any of these recordings, and I haven’t had any involvement with these songs since we recorded them. In fact, they have been out of my hands since before Adam completed Season 8 of “American Idol.”

Because we signed all of the associated legal paperwork, they are technically allowed to release it. Additionally, I have had and continue to have no control over the timing of these releases; I couldn’t halt or accelerate them even if I wanted to. All performers make money on all recordings that were played and/or written on. (No they don’t monte. Unless you’re getting royalties for the Dublyn Jones songs. Do you own them?)

From a purely artistic standpoint, I must admit that I am proud of this music, after finally hearing clips of these songs again as of last week (hearing finished for the first time here: montes sneaky link to the BS album site removed). I still think they’re great songs years later. There is a lot of heart and soul and positive energy that went into this at the time, which I cannot deny. I have always composed and performed music because I love doing so and because I have a true passion for it. It’s in my blood. And when we recorded these songs at the time, we hoped anything we did would be as big as it could possibly be; no limitations. And I’d imagine that would still come through in this music.

I can’t deny that “Beg For Mercy” is something we both put our heart and soul into at the time. However, I’m focused on my new album, “Pain, Love & Destiny”, which was released last week, and Adam is hard at work recording his new album.

With that said, my honest thoughts are that if you like what you hear, you should buy it and support everyone involved with this album. And if you don’t like it, then you shouldn’t buy it. As fans, that is your prerogative. However, illegal downloading of any music is wrong any way you look at it.

But I urge you to please not fling any unnecessary negative criticism or anger at any musicians involved with this project. At the end of the day, it’s just music. And music is the reason we’re all here, right? (no, seems to me the reason you’re here is MONEY not music.)

Thank you for your support and for allowing me to address these rumors. Listen for yourself to the songs and you be the judge. (I did, they are ALL crap except Just the Way it is. And especially the Parasite Sessions tracks – they are appalling.)

Monte Pittman

Parasite sessionsOf course – Monte neglected to say that the “generous” payment Adam received was a mere $25 an hour but I’m sure he meant to clarify that later….

Anyway – note that Monte talks about it all as though he has had nothing to do with it since 2009. The general impression he gives is that it’s all a bit of a surprise to him too and that he’s had nothing to do with any of it since before Adam was on Idol.

Well Mr Pittman. That just aint true is it?

Today a new video appeared on youtube, posted by Welsford under the name ParamountSessions. It’s a video of Monte Pittman promoting the second BS album (due out this month). You know how Monte “didn’t know” this was happening, well then this obviously ISN’T Monte on this video, working with his old TCV buddies on the albums. And since it’s obvious this was filmed in 2010 (after Adam’s GN Tour) this couldn’t POSSIBLY be Monte sitting there with Steve Cooke working on Steve’s part of the BS Parasite Sessions can it?

And since we all know Monte is NOT promoting the BS albums and is just an innocent bystander in all this – he can’t possibly be participating in a video that PROMOTES the Parasite Sessions can he??

Funny how everyone MENTIONS Adam Lambert yet he is the only one missing from this little shindig. Forget to invite him did ya Monte?


Here’s the sickening video in question – watch it only if you can stomach seeing betrayal in action.

21 thoughts on “It’s not Monte – must be his doppelganger!

  1. The label wanted to release Steve Cookes album seperatly in the beginning. There is some press out on it in the net. I guess the label ran out of money and then bundled it all together. All in all though, heard the medley and it doesnt sound too shabby. Better than Take 1, even though some are the same songs.

    1. I’ve heard it too – only Adam’s side as I have no interest in Steve. It’s horrible and no different to Take One except they’ve added a couple of other horrible sounding tracks. It is clearly Adam being restrained beyond all tolerance singing awful songs that he’s not even allowed to inject his own style and personality into – because THEY WERE NOT MEANT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE only for pimping. They make me feel ill when I listen to them.

      I read the label (Coldwater/Colwel/Welsford) wanted to release steve’s album separately too – and that they tried to – but it didn’t sell well so they tried this instead. All I know is that Gravity has been around for quite some time and so have some other tracks on Steves album. SO unless they were all released as singles… I dunno.

    1. The songwriter is irrelevant now so it doesn’t matter where DJ is (whoever he really is). Welsford owns the songs so he has given some to Steve.

    2. actually, turns out the songwriter hasn’t split at all. He didn’t exist. It was a pretend name but if you look on the back of the old Fake ONe album it tells you who he is. It says “Coldwater entertainment aka Dublyn Jones”. And since Coldwater Entertainment is Welsford…… YOU join the dots. No wonder he’s so obsessed with flogging all these lousy Adam Lambert demo tracks. He wrote the abominations.

  2. Steve Cooke said he never met Adam. They kept all the singers apart while working at Wilshire. He said he only heard his voice on the server and really liked it. I think Steve probably wants his own songs out rather than ones written by someone else, but none of them can do anything. I am not sure about Monte. Does he works with Welsford? Is he involved in this all? Steve C never worked with Welsford either.

    1. Yes he didwork with Welsford LOL THe Label releasing this album is Coldwater (under the Gonzo umbrella) which is Welsford (he likes to hide himself behind a lot of different names/companies) and Welsford is one of the producers NAMED on the Album and Welsford OWNS the recording studio where all this “collaboration” allegedly took place. Of course he knows Welsford. And how would they keep singers apart. Were they under arrest? Steve has implied he met Adam and so did Welsford’s original press releases.

  3. I guess none of the artists knew this would be bundled as one album. Dont think Steve Cooke neither wanted to be on a double album with Adam! This looks to me like an interview talking about the band and the artists, nothing bad really. So I wouldnt hammer always the artists! Blame the label!

    1. Steve wrote a statement suggesting he worked “with” Adam before he was on Idol in putting together this “album” when Adam has stated he doesn’t know Steve and has never met him.

      Here’s Steve’s comment

      “I had the pleasure to hear Adam Lambert before he was even a glimmer in Simon Cowles ears on the labels Artist Roster (library).I thought “Wow, someone who can finally really sing!” I even blushed, as his Soprano notes soared above my tenor head!”


      “I am grateful that I was lucky enough to be bought in on this project (before Adams exit) and I think its great the songwriter could finish and complete his works”

      Also he sent out a tweet via his official twitter feed suggesting Adam lied about not knowing him because Monte & Tommy were in a video with Steve.

      These tracks – on Adam’s side anyway – were never recorded for public release. They were songwriter demos only. Adam had NO intention of making an album from these – you can hear it in his singing. He is doing each song exactly as written, so that the songwriter can sell them to other singers for real recording.

      Steve appears to be very much in the know and using any trick he can to make people believe the labels spin that he and Adam collaborated & “walked into the studio together” to work on an “album” with the songwriter. Adam did not even MAKE an album with the songwriter – let alone with Steve.

      Monte definitely knew. Even this video shows that – they are working on the Paramount Sessions material. Also in this video you can see the sheet music to one of Adam’s demo tracks – Castleman. The other artists may not have known but Monte & Steve did.

      1. PS having said that, I don’t really care about Steve. He’s just an artist doing whatever he has to do to sell his album. I don’t like it but I don’t wish him any ill – he needs to get his stuff out there – I get that. He doesn’t know Adam and doesn’t have to do the right thing by him. MONTE is a completely different matter tho.

      2. he only said, how can Adam not know about him? Not that Adam lied! Read the twitter again. I guess he is unhappy that Monte never introduced the 2 singers to each other. Could have avoided a lot of trouble maybe.

        1. The obvious implication was that Adam had lied. Steve’s tweet linked people to Adam Official’s thread where fans were talking about a video Tommy was in with Steve and said how could Adam not know Steve when his best buddies were in a video with him. The tweet has now been deleted – which speaks volumes in itself.

      3. that doesnt say he worked “with” Adam. They never met, he made that very clear. They were just signed to the same label.

        1. No he didn’t. He implied he and Adam had worked together. Also there was an early press release for the album that said “adam and Steve got together and went into a studio to lay down some tracks”. or similar words

    1. Dont blame ya hon. I did but only coz I wanted to know what was going on. I saw enough to know it was filmed in early 2010 and the whole gang (TCV drummer et al) were there working on the Parasite Sessions!! Monte has no pride. I just kept thinking, Welsford must be in that building with them somewhere….. just disgusting.

        1. Really? Who told you that? The Album itself lists Welsford as the producer, they used his studio, the recordings are owned by Welsford AND the label is Weslford’s. What other kind of involvement is there?

    1. Yep. Look it’s possible the others didn’t know about the Adam side of this album – they could have thought they were there to record an album just for Steve Cooke. Who knows. But there’s no WAY Monte wasn’t aware. They were using the same songwriter – Dublyn Jones as those crap Adam tracks and Monte’s “letter” gives it away. He knew and he’s playing the Welsford game of pretending these tracks were meant for release.

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