Epic Epicness of All Epicdom! Queen and Adam!

on stage

WARNING: This post contains a lot of rambling, some drooling, a touch of hysteria and traces of nuts. But on the plus side it’s 99% fat free!

There is absolutely no need for me to say or write anything about Adam and Queens performance in Belfast. None at all.

Because…….this says it all.

brian running


Okay – that’s a lie. It doesn’t really say it all. I’m such a lying liar person. Though it does say quite a lot and represents a big part of why this performance was so very very incredible. But no, it leaves out a whole lot of stuff. Allow me to explain.

HA! For a minute there you thought you were going to be spared me ranting on at you didn’t you!! Well no such luck! In fact, like everything else here, this rant is of EPIC proportions!

I may have been struck dumb for a couple of hours after this happened and okay, yes I had trouble closing my mouth until well into the fourth hour so my words were coming out a little strange – but I have RECOVERED now! I can almost string more than two words together in a sentence that actually nearly almost makes sense, sometimes!

Anyway – where was I?

Oh yes…. the MTV EMAs. So I got up at some ridiculous hour after about 2 hours sleep when Tango, my oldest dalmatian/self-appointed alarm-clock ninja-jumped his 25 kilo body right onto the middle of my sleeping stomach. Clutching my hands to my ruptured spleen, I raced to the study, revved up the old pc and tried to see the screen through blurry eyes as I looked for a live stream to jump into.

Of course none of the streaming links would work because every other glammie in the entire world was already on them……. Jo tried to help, the glam army jumped in with suggestions… all to no avail.

I was about to give up and go sit in a corner and cry when Adam’s brother Neil tweeted a link I’d already tried,  but I clicked it anyway – and mercy ME! It worked. That boy is spooky!

I should say at this point, because I’m an incurable cynic, I was not entirely convinced this was going to happen. I mean it seemed to good to be true and I’m a bit used to epic events turning out to be not so epic where Adam is concerned – not due to Adam tho.

bear falling asleep

But the child in me was kicking so I went with the flow and made like a believer.

The usual suspects got up with their autotuned mikes and electronic doo dads to ‘entertain us’. I was in danger of nodding back off to sleep several times but fortunately Gaga,  Jessie J and Bruno added spark, a streaker inexplicably showed up and Selena was occasionally funny. So there was enough to revive my flagging interest as things progressed. Plus all the net chatter was hilarious and almost worth the strain of actually watching 2 hours of this guff.. er … stuff.

~~ Irrelevant question – why are all the people who got awards for the European Music Awards not European and pretty much the same people who won the American ones? ~~

Anyway – we’re down to 20 mins to go and Justin just finished whatever it was he just did on stage, according to some Irish dude, David “Gwetta” was up next and then Queen were doing their thing. Still no mention of Adam……

The tension was unbearable and little bits of info kept leaking out like “Adam’s left the audience”, “Adam is backstage”, “Adam’s poking his finger in his ear” etc….

We’re dying….

Selena is prattling on with a drunk looking Hoff about god only knows what and we’re all yelling “JUST GET ON WITH IT!!!”

Adam strutting on stageAnd finally – it starts……. Selena introduces Queen (no mention of Adam). We hear sumptuous violins and drums….. and then a mysterious voice….

A superb, resonant, beautiful, epic voice. We can see a silhouette. It’s long and thin, with epic hair. The voice continues, blowing the audience away, blending spectacularly with the familiar heart-wrenching sound of Brian May on guitar (epic!!). And finally we get close enough to see who it is and…… and…. a stage light blinds us!!! FFS! (NOT epic!)

But it’s him. There’s no doubt. And he moves slightly so we can see that glorious face and his expression – so happy and excited and INTO it.

At this point, tho I hadn’t really noticed yet, my mouth had dropped open. I can’t swear I didnt drool a little.

It shames me to admit I didn’t know the song he was singing, but it sounded absolutely fantastic and he was hitting notes I couldn’t believe!  He ended with a long perfect scream note that was just not of this earth. (Note to wannabe’s – THAT’s how it’s done kids!)

To be honest, I don’t have much recollection of the rest of the set. I was so awe-struck I was barely conscious. I vaguely remember being briefly jolted out of my stupor by the sounds of the Under Pressure intro but they didn’t run with that. Just as well really.  I adore that song and the idea of Adam performing it with Queen…. let’s just say my heart was already leaping out of control so I don’t think I would have survived if they’d done more than just tease us with that riff.

I DO remember Adam sounded incredible and I have random recollections of  Brian chasing him around the stage area. I think I might have giggled. I can’t say for sure but my mouth did kinda lift slightly at the edges at one point – I remember that.

eyeballspoppingBy the time he belted out that last amazing vocal run at the end of We Are the Champions I was the epitome of the legendary stunned mullet. It took at least 10 minutes for me to realise the show was over and I was now listening to some pointless chatter from the hosts. At that point I also realised I hadn’t blinked in at least 20 minutes and that was why my eyeballs had popped out of my heyad!!

I was surprised how long it took for my brain’s command to reach my hand and move the mouse to close the live stream. But finally it got there and I sat there in the ensuing silence, still staring at a blank computer screen, trying desperately to unscramble my brain.

We have amazing ninjas out there in the interwebby world and someone had a video of the whole thing up on Youtube in seconds (lies again – it was more like an hour!). And it wasn’t until I watched it again that I could really appreciate what happened. He was so commanding, so confident, so humble, so… magnifico oh oh  – all at the same time. His vocals were superb – full of depth and resonance and – of course – incredible power. It’s like he was born to be singing with Queen. Maybe he was…..

He looked like a God and those moments when he “drew” Brian along the walkway toward him were absolute GOLD. It was like he conducted the whole event. The Grand Master of Queendom. The whole thing was like a dream starring the sexiest man in the universe and the best band in the galaxy. I feel convinced Freddie’s spirit joined in and added some profoundly epic essence to the whole event. I know I felt his presence.on stage

The reviews have been fantastic – with the exception of certain American publications that seem determined to dislike Adam no matter what he does. To those few idiots I say – remember how Freddie and Queen were treated in their early days? And you know how we now all sneer at the individuals in the media who put them down like that way back then and laugh about how stupid they were. Well my friends, that will be you in 20 years time. Millions of young people will one day come across your put-downs of Adam Lambert in some dusty space-age digital library and point and laugh at you and shake their heads at how ignorant some people were in 2011. Quite a legacy to leave to your grandkids! 🙂

Meanwhile the rest of the world is now talking about Adam. His name was never mentioned during the show so they’ve had to actively go out there and find out who that incredible singer channeling Freddie Mercury was. And now they’ve found him I suspect they will try to keep him forever. European media are clamouring to talk to him, new fans are flooding to his twitter and websites. And us veterans of all of 1 year here at Adam Downunder can only smile benevolently and nod our heads in the knowledge that this is JUST THE START of something absolutely phenomenal.

PS Please go to the link below for all the pics, articles, comments and videos your heart could possibly desire 🙂 And it would be great if you’d join the forum. We’d love to hear from you – even if you’re not Aussie!! We don’t bite. Honest. Unless you want us to.


PPS – for those who know my dogs  – Yes Dylan DID sing along with Adam from the moment he started. I was so dumb-struck by the performance I forgot about silly things like volume controls and just leaned in closer to the screen tryna hear Adam over Dylan’s noise. In the end I threw Dylan a random piece of cardboard (without taking my eyes off Adam) and that must have distracted him enough coz I don’t recall hearing him sing after that.


(c) 2011 Jacki aka Soaked aka websheila 🙂


Please note: All those awesome gifs you see here were made by…(drum roll)….. ME!!! TADA!!!!  …. NO not really. I just can’t help lying can I! I think they came to us via @mindchnger except the pop-eye one and that cute little bearrrr (I love that therrrr bearrrr). I have no idea who made them but thanks whoever did that 🙂

8 thoughts on “Epic Epicness of All Epicdom! Queen and Adam!

  1. Are you psychic? You just put my entire thoughts on the EMA’s down in word!

    My brain is still trying to recover – ADAM AND QUEEN!!!!! – but as you can see I’m still not totally coherent!

    I luckily live in DK so I watched the entire thing on my parents giant flat screen TV with my fathers amazing surround sound turned on… I sat there staring at the TV screen for an hour afterwards! It was epic! My dad who had been in the study even came down and watched it with me after QUEEN AND ADAM took the stage. My dad doesn’t really like Adam, but he was stunned. He told me that he hadn’t thought that anybody could do Freddie Mercury any justice, but that he now stands corrected. I was so proud when he told me that. My old Queen purist of a dad, told me that Adam was brilliant. I’m still smiling.

    1. :Princess:

      That’s great about your dad!! There are some “Queen fans” whining about this performance but I think mostly they are fans who have never and will never get over losing Freddie. Most QUeen fans I know were seriously impressed by this!! 🙂

  2. Good grief Soaked – you’ve had me in tears just reading your admazing epistle. Thank you for putting into words what is in my heart. Adam and Queen – EPIC in capitals. Me – stunned for life.
    Judy – please pass on the drip.

  3. Brilliant !!! You absolutely nailed it ! I’m still reeling from this performance and don’t see an end in sight because I’m totally addicted to the video ! Can someone just bottle it and put it in an intravenous drip LOL !

  4. :Star-Struck: BRAVO.

    Brilliant, says it all.

    Still stunned 3 days later, for me that feeling will never stop.



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