Fake Albums By Snake Oil Salesmen


This is about Adam’s sophomore album. There’s a lot of confusion about it so I’m going to make it real simple.

See this pic below: it’s a picture of an album cover. You know what it’s not? ITS NOT A PICTURE OF ADAM LAMBERT’S SOPHOMORE ALBUM COVER!! You with me so far? Just to make sure. This….



Can’t get any clearer than that.

So what dafark is it den? I hear you scream.

Good scream question… er thingy.

Here’s how I understand it all went down (a little historical adventure for you all)

This BFM album is a collection of songs Adam recorded several years ago when he was in a band called The Citizen Vein. He wrote the songs with Monte and one day they wandered into a studio owned by Wiltshire Records (now using a variety of other names – they’re like shape-shifters – they keep changing their appearance – but we’ll just call them “Willies” for convenience!) and recorded some of their tracks. The recordings were masters, “fist draft” quality, not intended for release without further refinements & improvements.

Here is Adam looking sweet and innocent with his little TCV band back in the day…. everyone say aaaaawwwwwww!

Adam with TCVAdam gets betrayed & ripped off

Nothing came of it at the time because no-one – including Willies – was interested in taking a chance on this unknown band. In the end Monte persuaded young, naive Adam to give up all his rights to royalties from the songs he co-wrote with Monte & sell them to Willies for a couple hundred dollars. Adam trusted Monte…. unfortunately so he did. Significantly, Monte kept HIS rights to his share of the royalties though, it’s not clear if Adam knew at the time. It’s possible Adam thought he had to do this because they used Willie’s studios and owed them money – but that’s conjecture.

Around the same time, Adam recorded some other tracks he wrote that were less rock-orientated and more electronic disco sounding. Adam DOES own the rights to those songs and the tracks were properly produced & intended for release. [See Digital Glitter/Fonzerelli/ and a track called Live The Life]

Adam Gets Famous – Debut Album vs Fake Debut album

SO, anyway, fast forward a couple of years and Adam competes on American Idol and kinda makes an impact. He gets signed to RCA but over in Willies World people are suddenly realising what a gold-mine they let slip through their fingers.

Someone rings someone else and prays they didn’t throw the TCV recordings out in the last clean up. Lo and behold they still have them and their little piggy eyes light up with the kind of gleam that only comes from pure unadulterated lazy greed.  They get hold of their good buddies HiFi records and start plotting to release these old tracks under Adam’s name.

Meanwhile they carefully stalk Adam’s movements and just as he’s about to announce his debut album they strike!!!

“Look everyone!” they yell, rudely interrupting Adam’s life. “THIS is Adam’s debut album. We imaginatively and cleverly called it On With The Show!!!”


“Right well maybe that’s not so clever but still, it’s ADAM LAMBERT!!! You will want to buy it!!! Yes???”

It took Adam’s fans all of a couple of days to realise this was NOT the official debut album and they objected to Willie’s underhanded way of marketing the album. They also knew Adam objected to it’s release and RCA challenged their legal right to release it.

So On With the Show was pulled and never saw the light of day.

Here’s the track listing for On With the Show from 2009.

Beg For Mercy
Crawl Thru Fire
Kiss and Tell
Just the Way It Is
Turning On
On With The Show
15 Minutes of Fame
The Circle
MP3 Killed the Record Companies

Is this starting to look familiar?

Take One – Willie tries again with another Fake album

Realising they couldn’t release OWTS while a legal challenge was happening, they did the next best thing. Sometime in the past some mediocre song-writer had paid Adam a bit of money to record his songs as demos. Adam sang them without putting his own feelings or style into them because they were not meant to be released to the public. They were intended only to demonstrate to other singers how the song sounded so they could decide whether or not to record it themselves. Adam was just a tool being used to demo songs to other artists. He was not considered good enough to record them and release them himself. And it was essential that he didn’t put any embellishment or change the original note-for-note arrangement of the song when he recorded it. He was like a computer software programme that had been tasked with reproducing the notes in a score as blandly as possible.

Lucky for them, Willies remembered that hidden away in the storing cabinet they still had a few of these boring old demo recordings of Adam. They blew the dust and cobwebs off them and had a quick listen. Yes, they were pretty badly produced and sounded dull as swamp-water (despite Adams best efforts) but who cares? It’s Adam right? There’s a killing to be made here. No-one will notice and/or care.

So they hastily re-wrote all their press releases and interrupted Adam’s life yet again to announce a new different debut album called – even more imaginatively (joke!!) – “Take One”. Woo hooo!!!! *yawn*

I won’t bother posting the track listing – you can find it anywhere online – and I really want people to stay awake for the rest of this article.

No real fans from Adam’s camp bought it – except a few stray souls who were out of the loop and got fooled by Willie’s promotional guff. And they even managed to hoodwink a bunch of “we buy anything” Idol fanatics into buying it (on special) but it wasn’t exactly the bonanza they’d been salivating over. Willies were very sad and blamed Adam for stopping them releasing the TCV tracks. Not that Adam cared but they had to lash out at someone. After all, their brilliant blueprint for ‘becoming lazy millionaires by doing sod all and exploiting the shit out of some other poor sucker’ had failed dismally. Poor dears.

girl going squeee!

Beg For Money – Fake Sophomore Album

But Willie still had those TCV songs and all they needed now was a legal loophole. So they released a couple of legal types onto the problem and Glory be!!! They found one.

So once again Willie (with BFF Malcolm Welsford) waited and stalked Adam for another year or so until the time was ripe – ie when he was about to release his sophomore album. They knew Adam’s sophomore album was one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2011 – so they planned their sleazy strategy accordingly. They set up websites and twitter accounts with misleading titles and articles to make it seem as though they were talking about his sophomore album. They sent press releases implying this was Adam’s second album and that he was involved in it’s production. (he wasn’t) They went on forums pretending to be fans while link-spamming and announcing Adam’s “fantastic new album”.

Everyone got confused. First there was Adam’s as yet untitled sophomore album. Then there was an album called Beg For M ercy which seemed to be his sophomore album and then lo and behold a THIRD album called “The P ara mount Se ssions” popped up out of nowhere. I mean, we know Adam is totes awesome but THREE albums at once seems a tad excessive. Even for him. Hmmmm. Fishy indeed.

Well, just have a squiz at the track listing for the P Sessions and compare them with the track listing for Take1. Dont even ask me why they’ve released the same boring songs yet again under yet another bizarre title. They just have. They are scum – don’t expect them to act rationally.


What is really going on then?

It’s easy.


His OFFICIAL SINGLE should be out next month (November) and it’s name still hasn’t been announced (Come ON Adam. Quit leaving us in suspenders!!!). But his new single WILL NOT BE some track he recorded way back in the days before Idol. It will be a track he actually recorded THIS YEAR.

Beg For M ercy is a rogue album of old tracks, that were badly produced and sounded dated by the time Adam went on Idol. Here they’ve been regurgitated with half-assed remixes in a misguided attempt to make them sound ‘a bit more current’.  The people behind it have marketed it in the same way they did in 2009. Using underhanded tactics and downright deceit to fool people into thinking it’s Adam’s official release.

Should you buy these BS fake scum-sucking bottom-feeders album releases??

Well darlings, we here at Adamdownunder abhor these tactics and everything the people behind these two rogue albums stand for. Adam’s sophomore release has been seriously undermined by their continued smoke and mirror tactics and he has stated his objection to the release of this music AT THIS CRUCIAL TIME IN HIS CAREER. They are DAMAGING Adam’s career, his branding, his official sophomore album release. In short: they suck.

So if you’re looking for guidance from us here it is:   


Wait till Adam’s real single and real album come out and BUY THEM.

If you feel as pissed off about how they’re handling this as we do you can do even more. Here are some suggestions.

  • Make sure you don’t link to the rogue albums in any way.
  • Try not to use their real names when talking about them.
  • Use abbreviations or funny alternative names like “Parasite Sessions”.
  • Let people know these albums are NOT official releases and are NOT his sophomore album. Post it in your twitters, facebook etc and on forums where it’s being discussed. whois Anywhere you see it being mistakenly promoted as Adams sophomore album. Post screencaps of websites that are promoting it instead of links.
  • [Thanks to “LOLS” for the suggestion] Report any BS articles etc you find to the AO site run by RCA. They have a thread specifically for reporting misrepresentations of “P Sessions” or  “BFM” albums as adam’s new music or sophomore album http://www.adamofficial.com/us/node/2056595
  • GO to Amazon etc and like/comment on Adam’s other official music such as FYE and the GNT DVD to push them up ahead of the fake albums.
  • If you see them in a store PUT THEM BEHIND other music – choose something really boring and unlikely to get a lot of people looking through like… oh I dunno – “piano accordion music” or whatever

And promote Adam’s real single and album like mad!!  Adam dancing on Idol

Hope this has helped clear things up.


UPDATE: Just a quickie – as of 21 October 2011 BFM (the album and the single) are not showing up on Amazon. I have no idea what’s happened. Can anyone enlighten us? – Bit more info. Apparently emails have been sent out by Amazon saying BFM is no longer available from the supplier.

PS On a personal note:

Personally, there’s no way in hell I would support these scum even though I would have been the first to promote and buy a legitimately produced and released PROPERLY UPDATED recently recorded version of the TCV tracks done in full and honest collaboration with the members of the band, including Adam. They have done the opposite of this and shot themselves, monte and everyone else hoping to make a killing off this album – in the FOOT.

I’ll stick with the free versions thanks – until Adam and Monte decide to re-record and  update them and release them under their own terms.

PPS – Dear spammers from the fake album people. *waves at you* Hey! How they hanging?? Look – srsly guys.  Just give it up would you. It’s getting ridiculous now. You might be able to pull that crap with some lazy media outlets but most fan sites have your number now (and your ISP and all sorts of other info on you) so it aint gonna work here. Note in particular, comments linking to the fake album website/amazon listing etc will NOT be posted. Did you not actually READ what I wrote up there??? *rolls eyes*

26 thoughts on “Fake Albums By Snake Oil Salesmen

  1. Actually I think adamdownunder has gotten one thing wrong. At last count from RCA Ed at AO, Take1 had fooled enough people over 2 years to sell around 100,000 copies. That may not seem like much at first glance, but at say $10 a pop that’s a cool million bux. Even if the profit is only half that, half a million bux was apparently enuff incentive for them to pull this bullshit again. Too bad we’re smarter this time lol. Viva la resistance!

    1. Not really. Like I said, a few stray Adam fans and a bunch of “we buy anything” Idol fans bought it. Many of them purchased it on “special” or out of bargain bins so the sales figures would have been a lot lower then they hoped.

      Sure – they sold enough to think it was worth packaging them up again and trying to fool people into buying them as “new” stuff. BUT it’s nowhere near what they hoped to sell given Adam’s popularity straight after Idol and how many copies he sold worldwide of his REAL music which is close to 2 million units for FYE album alone.

      This time round they’ve shot themselves in the foot in several ways. But mainly by trying to pass this BS off as adam’s NEW music – which annoyed everyone. Secondly by trying to sue Adam to get a huge payout and gain publicity for their BS album – which has seriously backfired on them. All they got was negative publicity, promo for Adam’s REAL sophomore album and having to eat their words and admit they lied about Adam not being eligible for Idol. And they’ve ended up in exactly the same position they were before they sued him minus whatever legal fees they wasted on a case they couldn’t win.

      I’m sure some naive people will still buy their latest BS album but they wont make the sales they could have made had they done the whole thing ethically AND waited for Adam to be on board and make NEW recordings of decent/better quality to release.

  2. Reading a new, sweet, informative, funny, and intelligently written article of yours is cool. The suckers that are selling BFM, P sessions, and who knows what else are not. I can’t thank you enough for doing such a thorough research on this situation that stinks as much as my school library’s bathroom (believe me, it really does stink there). That must have been long and boring work, but you’ve done it brilliantly. Like many others who are commenting here, I shall post the link to your blog wherever these ripoff “albums” are being discussed. It’s wonderful that you have, again, made a good use of your sense of humour while writing this. God knows we need sense of humour in a situation like this!
    Love your blog, and thanks again for your post! 🙂

  3. Yeah!! Those blood suckers. I couldnt agree more. Whats the deal though with this Take 1 and the Poodle Sessions? Wasnt Take 1 illegal? But Adam just had to take that crap on the chin. Anyway, I wont support this, I’ll just download it for free. Argghhhh.These scummers!! I hate them. Please let us know if they release a link or something so we can ripp it!! and ripp of the ripp offers!!

    1. Take1 was “legal” but unethical but Adam put up with it. WHy he should have to keep putting up with it for the rest of his life is beyond me. Guess they didn’t sell enough first time round – so they’re selling it again but fooling people who don’t check into thinking it’s something different – some new “collaboration” between Adam and Steve Cooke – who Adam has never even met. It’s just the same old boring, badly mastered dross. Which reminds me, whatever happened to Take2? That was due to be released at some point. Anyhoo… I’m sure if they happened to snag a recording of Adam singing Three Blind Mice in the shower they’d remix that 57 times and sell it as a Double CD “Bathroom Sessions” project. When the album is available I’m quietly confident that no-one will have to actually give the blood-suckers any money to hear anything on them, new or not.

  4. Can’t thank you enough for clarifying this rotten situation. I believe, through info like this and today’s technology, we can beat back this exploitation of Adam’s hard work and success.

  5. Simple solution – someone get a hold of the two albums (Parasite and Begging) and post really good HD copies all over u-tube, peer-2-peer, megauload, mediafire, message boards, anywhere that allows anyone anywhere access to all of the tracks for free. People being what they are, no one, even the MOST curious, will bother shelling out $ to listen to something (even a young Adam) that you can download for nothing! There, the exploiters get exploited! Poetic Justice!

    1. A little bird told me this is already in the works……. not that I’m condoning illegal downloads or anything. 😉 that would be norty and stuff!

  6. Thank you for getting to the heart of the matter with humor and truth. Oh, and LMAO at what you did to Habeous Corpsus!!!

  7. Thanks soaked for this easy read & very informative piece of work…They are nothing but back stabbing vultures trying to cash in…Really hope people will see this for what it is…Bogus BS
    What people need to do is support Adam’s real music which he profit’s from
    Not this fake $#!t

  8. Thank you so much for this well written & easily understood version of the “Dirty Low-Down” (Dirty Low-Down Blood Sucking Leaches) that is. Reiterating our “Lovely Leader”….anything for a buck. Fuck. I will be RT’ing this frequently in Twitterville & posting accordingly to all sites of interest. Once, again, thnx Soaked for this informative & “At The Heart Of The Matter” article. One thing about “Our Glamily” ppl will 1 day learn “We are a fierce force to reckon with, the most powerful fandom in the world, growing daily by leaps & bounds (as we all recruit daily)…A word to the WISE…When “Daddy is upset & unhappy, we are all upset & unhappy”, we are his “Soldiers” and will protect him at all costs. We can be your best friend or your worst nightmare, It’s your choice & please choose carefully.”
    Love, Peace & Adam Lambert Music My Friends,

  9. Thank you Soaked for uncovering this murky, obnoxious situation layer by layer
    and revealing the true situation. I will wait for the REAL Adam Lambert single and album.
    Kudos for your brilliant, humorous writing style. Muchly appreciated.

  10. awesome!! im goin to post this on every adam fb fan page, every tommy page, every page i can that is adam related!! cant wait for adams ACTUAL album!!

  11. Hi,

    Was linked here through twitter, and I want to thank you for taking the time to write this. Very informative, and I hope every fan, or anyone wanting infos, reads it!

    I would never buy albums that Adam doesn’t endorse (or even listen for free). I of course retweeted this page and saw it tweeted many times on my feed, so you should be getting lots of visitors!


  12. thanks for a funny and informative write up.

    One other thing maybe for your list of suggestions. The AO site run by RCA has a thread specifically for reporting misrepresentations of PMS and BFM as adam’s new music or sophomore album http://www.adamofficial.com/us/node/2056595

    the mods there are taking this seriously, asked for this thread to be set up, and are monitoring it.

  13. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to research the whole mess that has been lurking in the shadows for years but popping up from time to time like the “devil” rearing it’s ugly head. I hope u don’t mind if I put this out to all my tweeter followers and hopefully they can do the same. Your explanation is thorough and legit.

    Oh, I wouldn’t buy anything unless Adam endorses it. I won’t even listen to it. It’s a shame these parasites exist but so does the “devil.”

    1. Hi Sharon!!

      I don’t mind at all. THe more people see stuff like this the better. Especially since it seems to have been left to Adam’s fans to try and correct all this misinformation and sleazy sneaky promo. Heaven only knows what Adam’s management are actually being paid for.

      thanks for the comment 🙂

  14. … Adam can sing his ass off. There are probably mediashare links you can listen to [Note from Editor: your comment was edited. You know why! And your spammy fake album url has gone too – you’ll just LOVE the new one I gave you ;)]

  15. Well written, and very informative.

    Hope that this keeps people from going anywhere near those bastard album’s.

    Hope they get the picture that this stuff is crap, and should be avoided at all cost’s.

    Bring on Adam’s new music, that is the only stuff i will be buying!

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