Live the Life now available on I-Tunes & Beatport

Lyrics (kinda) and video and all sorts of stuff!

UPDATE: J Scott G’s management has just posted a comment (see below). Thank you for noticing our little website all the way down here in Australia! We are VERY proud to be able to say we’ve supported this release since we discovered this awesome track months ago and have been trying to defend it in the last few days. J Scott G seems like a lovely guy and his management have handled this ridiculous situation with diplomacy and integrity.

Please note that we Aussies can purchase the EP from

It’s hit #2 on I-tunes today and here’s hoping it makes the top spot. I am so proud of Adam and Scott – this is a major achievement!

Okay. So members of our forum would know this song has been around for a couple of years. We discovered it a few months ago and all immediately became raving addicts so one of our members made a video for it (as you do!).

We’ve been following J Scott G’s progress with it ever since and waiting waiting WAITING for an official release date. We’ve emailed him, twatted him, bothered him on facebook. Somehow Mr G managed to resist all our most charming stalking and harassment and never got back to us (we CRIED Mr G …. CRIED I tells ya!)

According to his Facebook page J Scott G had the official launch party scheduled for March 2011. I even twatted Adam about it during one of his twitter parties and asked him if he was going. domain list But as usual Adam completely ignored me. Ever since I twatted him that he couldn’t have one of my spotty puppies he’s been giving me side-eyes and….

oh sorry, I digress – now where was I….

Oh yes …

…and then …. March came and went and nothing happened.

So we were all completely devastated!!! Kinda like this….

But blessed be!! Finally it has been released and is available to purchase on I-Tunes. It’s a sort of mini-album with 7 versions/remixes of the track.

For those who didn’t know about it before here’s some information from J Scott G written in his blog in 1999.

Right before Adam Lambert auditioned for American Idol, he and I collaborated on a *MASSIVE* song called “Live The Life” that has yet to be released. The following is the (long winded) account of how it all happened…
I started becoming very active in using MySpace as a vehicle to promote myself. After some time, I had accrued over 100,000 “friends” collectively with my two main pages. This method proved to be fruitful when I started winning new fans, and reconnecting with old Deepsky fans that realized it was me. This is also how I met Adam Lambert.

I got an email from him on MySpace one day (this was roughly 6 months before he made it on American Idol), which went something to the effect of “I love your music, and would love to collaborate with you.” I looked at his page, listened to some of his music and right away realized the kid had some pipes. I wrote him back and said that I’d love to work with him, as soon as I could find the time. At the time I had just moved down to San Diego from Los Angeles, and was still trying to figure out what the hell I was doing with my life and career. I was doing a lot of music for television to stay afloat and most of my studio time got devoted to that and producing other bands for money.

I told Adam that as soon as I had some free time, we would set a date and get together. Months later we finally connected. I had a window of time open and we set a date to record.
We spent a few hours coming up with concepts and writing lyrics. At one point we even called a director friend of mine, Adam Arnali, to help us brainstorm. After a while we finally had all the pieces we needed for the song and began to record.

Not that I was at all surprised, but Adam was a super star in the booth. As you’re all aware by now, his singing abilities are professional by any and all accounts.
I never doubted Adam was going to do well in Idol from the moment he told me he made it, because of my underlying belief that the universe brought him into my life for a reason.

adam and J Scott GLater that year in the same blog J Scott G posted about a release date postponement

Today, I sent Adam a text that said “Adam, out of respect for you I am not going to put the song on my podcast.” Minutes later my phone lit up. It was him. We talked for about 45 minutes. It was actually good to catch up with him. I explained my position, which he completely understood and we came to the conclusion that we’d put the song on hold for a little while, so that we could both decide the best course of action.


I’m going to send him the finished track (since he hasn’t heard it in final state). I feel SO RELIEVED you have NO IDEA. I never wanted to take advantage of his situation. The only reason I was going to go ahead and just release the song was because I hadn’t heard from him and I figured I had nothing to lose.

[From Mr_L – copied from J Scott G’s blog at the time (1999) – blog no longer exists. see also]

So from what we could find out a few months ago, J Scott G wanted to release this track in 2010 but Adam asked him to postpone it because of his debut album release so J Scott G waited till now.

Here’s J Scott G’s myspace site to find out more about him and his music.

These are the lyrics (well as best as we can make out)

If I dream it
I’ll believe it
If I dream it up yeah up yeah
If I dream it
I’ll believe it
If I dream it up yeah up yeah

B B B Bang it out, bottoms up
Break it down, roll it up
Paint it on, pack it in
Lace it up, let’s begin
Break of day/raze the day, grab your toys
Beat the path, to your girls and boys (or leave the past you girls and boys) [You decide LOL]
Turn on
Tune In
Drop Out

If you see it
If you feel it
If you want it
If you need it

You’ve got to live the life
Live the life
You’ve got to live the life
Live the life

World class, VIP
Velvet rope, luxury
Jet set, Vegas lights
New York, London, Paris nights
So lap it up, suck it in
3 or 4, skin on skin
Turn on
Tune In
Drop Out
Ohh oh ohhh

What makes you be conscious??or sommat!!

{from J Scott – the spoken bit is “What makes you the exception?”}

Ahh ahhh

you gotta live the life
live the life the life the life

repeat x 9

can you feel it
can you feel it
do you want it
if you want
if you need it
you gotta (got to live)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Can everybody feel it yeahhhh

You got to live the life
Live the life
You’ve go to live the life
Live the life

You’ve got to live the life (I’m dreamin, I believe it)
Live the life (I’m dreamin it up now up now)
You gotta live the life (I’m dreamin)
Live the life

Here’s hoping this track is the great success it deserves to be!!

PS We are aware that there is some controversy around this track. Some of Adam’s fans think it’s another “HiFi – Take One” thing. It’s not. The Take One debacle involved recordings that Adam had no say in. They were demos for other artists and never NEVER intended to be released. They don’t represent anything about Adam as an artist because they are simply pieces of music vocalised by Adam the way he was told to do it. He didn’t write them. He didn’t collaborate on the production and it wasn’t something he did as a piece of artistic work. The T1 tracks are just Adam singing the required notes of someone’s song for a wage.

Live the Life seems more like his fantastic work with Digital Glitter. From what we can tell Adam (apparently) co-wrote it, worked on the production, aimed to release it and was involved in the creative process for it. That’s all the information we have at the moment and it would be great if someone from Adam’s camp would clear the air on this once and for all.

So, it’s up to each of us to decide how to treat Adam’s music from pre-Idol, personally I have no problem with tracks he actually worked on and intended to be released.

Anyway, it’s your call. You can “Turn on, Tune in, Drop out” or whatever you choose. All I know is those are definitely ADAM’S words right there and this is DEFINITELY a fantastic track.

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  1. @adamlambert Adam Lambert
    Check out J Scott G’s “Live the Life” feat Me! We wrote and recorded this a year before Idol.

    Now people can see that all the bs that was targeted at J Scott G was unwarranted.

    1. CHeers Big ears! We’re more than happy to be promoting this addictive track! Thanks for commenting and good luck with this release!!

    2. PS They deleted your post at AO and probably banned you LOL Don’t worry – you’re in good company. But not before I copied it and put it on twitter. 😉

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