The Anticipation of Album #2

by Glambert-Jo & Soaked

Recently reported that Adam’s sophomore album had hit the number one spot on their new release anticipation list.

Vulture's anticipation list
All a-quiver!

I think we are all in a dither at the thought of Adam’s new album. All dithery and quivery and shivery we are,  a bit like this:

Knowing that he is working hard on getting it ready seems to excite us even more. His fans are all DESPERATE for any morsel of information, any hint or clue as to what the hell is happening with his new album but so far he’s managed to keep it all pretty much a mystery.

We DO know Adam is working with some great names in the music industry – because they keep tweeting about it. Teasing us. Making fans all over the world weep with the suspense or want to tear out someone’s eyes in frustration. Do they know the effect they are having on so many people? GOOD GOD PEOPLE!! Have mercy!

And that includes YOU Adam Lambert – you’re the worst offender!!! I give you the evidence.

But seriously – we are thrilled to learn Adam has been working with some great artists on his new album. People like:

Ryan Tedder– Song writer and producer and frontman for One Republic, he has worked with people such as Beyonce, Leona Lewis and Adele.

Oliver Goldstein – Producer of such people like JLo, Britney Spears, Flo Rida

Ginny Blackmore– Singer, songwriter from New Zealand.

Claude Kelly– American singer, songwriter who has worked with Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton, Kelly Clarkson.

Nikka Costa– American singer of funk, soul and blues.

Sia Furler– Australian Pop, Jazz singer and songwriter. She has also collaborated and performed with Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.

Christopher StewartAmerican songwriter, music producer, music publisher, executive producer, recording industry executive and recording studio owner. He has written for Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and more.

Joshua Bartholomew– Canadian singer, songwriter and producer.

Josh Abraham– Record Producer who has worked with 30 Seconds to Mars, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park.

BC Jean (Britney Jean Carlson) American singer, songwriter (pop/rock) who wrote Beyonce’s single “If I Were a Boy”

Eddie.T.Ellis– Songwriter/Music Producer for E.T.E Productions,Rock/Pop/Dance/Electronic.

So – does this help us in any way? Having all this knowledge of who he’s collaborated with? Not really LOL. None of this really gives much of a clue as to what direction Adam is taking or what the album will be like.

We don’t really know what tangent this album will take us on, but we do know that it will be awesome. With so many talented people working together, it can’t be anything but amazing.

4 thoughts on “The Anticipation of Album #2

  1. I think there are four stages of torture :

    We hear for the first time that there’s to be a new album,thus we enter the first stage of torture, ” sweet anticipation ” though it’s sweet,it’s the first stage of torture. AS time passes we begin to hear names dropped of those who are working with Adam,stage two is now in progress ! Stage three descends on us with a vengeance,we begin to hear rumblings of how fabulous an orgasmic the music is.It’s torture in the third degree I tell you !! We now enter the last and perhaps the worst stage of torture,we need to hear a snippet,a name any little morsel will do,but alas we are left to listen to song lyrics in reverse and wait for the day we find out the exact date of release ! The question is will we survive the torture ????

  2. I am feeling the torture, every time someone posts a new date or new information I get very excited, then I torture myself trying to decipher each little bit of new information. I am someone who is known for my patience but for the love of god I want this Album #2 so bad at times I think I’ve lost my mind:) Never before have I fallen completely head over heels for an artist. I can say I really liked many of them but never as much as I love Adam!

  3. Thank you for a tortuous (but factual) read. My age is stretching out but my patience is thinning down. Please nobody start a countdown to the ‘yet to be confirmed’ album release date. Countdowns are made to be changed.
    I’ll be happy with any pre-2012 release.
    Anxiously waiting for second part of “Anticipation of Album #2”.. “Adam’s #2 album goes on sale… here are some sneak previews..”
    Adam.. you are amazing..

  4. Nice to see a new post on the news section, I love your sense of humor and sweetness 🙂 But Adam really does need to stop torturing us, he said on Twitter that “you’ll have to be patient… I want to make it a surprise :)” but seriously, dear, this is increasing the suspense to the point of insanity, do you know how much time I’ve spent daydreaming about what your album’s title&cover would be, what kind of songs it’ll have, how many awards the songs will recieve, which ones would be the fans’ favorite songs (but don’t we love every single song of Adam’s? :D), etc? Everyone’s talking how sweet and talented Adam is and they’re all saying his album sounds like a killer, and all this is just killing me! I do hope the rumors that the album’s release date is Nov 8th are false, I just can’t wait for that long a time. Aaaaah anticipation….

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