Adam Lambert: Great Pretender!

adam at airport
Adam at LAX

Today Adam got a little bored while travelling on a plane somewhere so he decided to randomly tweet pics to his many followers. Not surprisingly the twitterverse exploded and many MANY fans were sent into a Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday morning (depending on where you live)  frenzy/stupor (depending on how they tend to react to so much Adamliciousness). Some demanded his twitter be taken away from him lest he kill us with all this gorgeousness.

He tweeted some lovely old pics of him cavorting salaciously with an attractive woman, taken at a photoshoot done for Details magazine a long time ago and published in their magazine. Here’s the cover of the issue they were in.

Cover of Details magazine

The photos are (or at least I thought they were) already famous but it seems there were actually a lot of people out there who don’t know much about Adam’s various gorgeous photoshoots.

Oddly some people saw these pics and thought: “but isn’t he gay?’ and came up with the strangest reactions.

For example one lady declared Adam was “disgusting” and promptly unfollowed him.  She didn’t really explain any further. Another – claiming to be his “fan” (tho you wouldn’t know it by looking at her feed! ;))- tweeted the following:

Jesse Andrew @adamlambert what’s hot about that?? I’m a fan of yours but no fan of those misleading pictures.

Apparently other people were tweeting similar things. I found it very strange that they would object to these pics!

What’s the story here? Are they saying Adam’s ‘disgusting’ because he’s kissing a half-naked lady or because he’s GAY and kissing a half-naked lady? Or just because he’s gay? Why would someone think it’s ‘disgusting’ for a man – gay or straight to be kissing a semi-clad woman in a black & white photo shoot? And are they saying he’s “misleading” people into thinking he’s in love with the girl he’s kissing? Or that he’s misleading them into thinking the girl is a boy pretending to be a girl who’s in love with him? Or that he’s misleading people into thinking he regularly goes around clad in full black-tie attire kissing almost naked people? So many questions. So confusing. My head hurts!

Personally, I thought it was just a photoshoot that played around with stereotypical straight-jackets, sent up the whole “gorgeous and unattainable” angle and stuff like that. So I nicely tried to explain it to Jesse that she was being too literal in a reply tweet to her. She reacted quite rudely (gosh! when I’d been so polite) and told me he was pretending to be someone he wasn’t – which was “Bad” I guess.

Really? (thought I) He’s pretending to be what exactly? Pretending to be a gay man kissing and getting steamy with an attractive girl? Well that aint pretending is it? He IS a gay man getting steamy and sexy with an attractive lady. I don’t see the problem here. That is all this photo shows. How is that misleading? Is it just me? Am I just stupid? Again with the questions…

Eventually those delightfully irreverant twitter @pearlclutchers provided a hint about why people like Jesse got so offended when they sent out this tweet.

The Pearl Clutchers
People should stay in the boxes we put them in. It’s easier for everyone if they do that. Are you listening, @adamlambert??!

So I sent that tweet to Jesse figuring since she didn’t understand the Details photoshoot, there’s no way in hell she’d get the pearlclutchers sarcasm, so she’d probably approve and like the tweet! But she didn’t respond to me. I think she’s blocked me *sniff* Clearly she’s upset that Adam didn’t want to be in her box at all!!!!

Meanwhile I went on the hunt to see what other “misleading” pics Adam has had taken of himself and in what other devilishly devious ways he has gone about pretending to be something he isnt. Could Jesse be right? Could it be that Jesse had hit upon the deepest darkest secret of our Adam Lambert? That he is a fake and pretends to be stuff he isn’t??? Surely not!

Imagine my shock and horror when I discovered she was right!!! Oh yes, fellow Glammies – I know you don’t want to believe it and are all shaking your heads at me and preparing those fingers for a barrage of Glambert wrath – but just look at all these photos of Adam pretending to be what he isn’t and see if you don’t agree!!

So there you have it folks! Proof positive that Adam is a naughty misleading person who pretends to be all kinds of stuff he isn’t and leads all us loyal gullible fans down all manner of bizarre garden paths. You can’t trust anything you see where Adam is concerned. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Just google it and you’ll find hunnerds of pics of Adam pretending to be stuff he aint. Not to mention videos – like all those ones where he’s on stage pretending to be some kind of voodoo dude! It’s ALL PRETENSE!! Nothing is real!!! It’s enough to drive a Glammie insane!

But I comfort myself with the knowledge that it could be worse. At least he hasn’t yet tried to trick us into thinking he’s actually half-inanimate object – like someone else I wont mention… * cough lady gaga*

Adam riding Gaga while she pretends she's half-motorbike
Gaga pretending to be half-motorbike!

I think I’ll give the last word to the Pearlclutchers again – they wondered:

The Pearl Clutchers
Dammit. Just when we think we’ve got @adamlambert pegged, he goes and tweets racy photos of himself with a naked woman. What is happening??

Ahhhh ladies. That’s the thing. Adam is The Great Unpeggable! That’s why we love him.

(ASIDE: I can’t believe that so many people think the pearlclutchers twitter feed is serious LMAOthey, like this article, are “tongue-in-cheek and sending up the real “pearlclutchers”)

7 thoughts on “Adam Lambert: Great Pretender!

  1. LOL! I laughed my arse off at this. I’ve only just found your site but so glad I did. I remember when Adam tweeted those pics. I thought they were gorgeous and really, as Adam has said “it’s not that deep…” or something along those lines. 🙂

    1. Yeah – wierd isn’t it – how some people cant help themselves and find something to bitch and moan about in just about everything.

  2. You know I find this all crazy, Adam is who he is and who cares if he kisses a girl or a guy, personally I don’t, it is what it is ppl, These are just pictures nothing else, why do ppl always have to read more into them, then they are, I don’t get. Adam is not someone to sterotype. He will always push the sterotype scenario and that is ok. Ppl, really accept him for who he is, I have. Hugs to you Adam and best of luck, your friend and fan always.

  3. ummm…this is so funny and typical….first the lady in the photo shoot had a bikini on when pics were taken…they photo shopped them out for more impact…Second…They are very hot…very sexy and Adam and the lady are gorgeous…so prudes….you know you who probably have not felt hot and sexy in a long time…get the hell over it….I find it funny that probably half of these “Pearl Clutchers”…who gripe about these pics and anything Adam does that is outside the box…probably have done quite a lot of zany things in their life…including watching some porn…These pics are great! And the pics you mention of him dressed up…he was in musical theater …that is what they do….act and dress up…

    1. Hi kat
      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m not sure if you realise or not but I just want to say the article is all tongue-in-cheek LOL In other words I agree with you 🙂

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